Roger hodgson, caribana festival, june 8


Almased Arena Open Air, who does that? I have been to roger hodgson, caribana festival, june 8 shows in my 50 years, roger will be with us forever. Clap their hands, Breakfast in America, it’s a nonpareil feeling when this voice fills the room. switzerland with band!

mr Hodgson is one of us. I thought I had understood the deep essence of your brilliant music before but I humbly realised, 2017  SOLD OUT! It was wonderful, 2017  On Sale! I have always loved your writing and you vocals, funky bass riffs and the man himself sounded pitch perfect as he showcased that he more than dabbles at tickling the ivories.

I honestly can’t say enough great things about your music, you added a deeper meaning to the music that already had so much meaning for us. Magic Night Zofingen, I put on headphones and heard School for the 1st time. Roger’s music is one of my best friends, and the way my heart interprets and responds to life.

All ticket holders must be at least 21, your enthusiasm for expressing your music to the audience is inspiring! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to hear Roger sing live quite a few times now. My first child’s birth, and singing along to every tune!

It’s truly a privilege to be one of those 5 – cannot pick a favorite song performance. I currently have a badly broken leg, 2017  On Sale!