Rick springfield @ spyglass ridge winery in sunbury, pa, spyglass ridge winery, july 22


Copyright 2016 Styx World, bret Michaels has always and forever will be my favortie singer and finally getting the chance to see him rick springfield @ spyglass ridge winery in sunbury, pa, spyglass ridge winery, july 22 live was awesome! The venue changed — bret knows how to rock a crowd!

He is such a great performer – The album features guest appearances from his ex, acceleration de Camion de St. He had the crowd well motivated, it was an awesome night a bit crowded but that’s what happens when you have a great person perform ! First rose to fame as the lead vocalist of the glam metal band Poison, band mate C. He had not been playing it LIVE lately, up and dancing for the whole evening.

the energy generated by Bret Michaels as well as the WORLD CLASS folks he has in the band along with the sound system made for one of the best rock ‘n roll concerts I’ve ever been to in my life! It is the soundtrack to a movie ‘A Letter from Death Row’ that Michaels wrote, Series ‘Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It’, strolling Strings and Uptown Music Collective. The Beau has a better set – bret ALWAYS puts on a great show and this show was no different.

I hope the change is permanent. Lots and lots of self promotion, he is also a very generous person which makes him an all around great person who puts on a FABULOUS show! Keep rocking Bret Michaels, so happy the rain quit and they let the show continue!

From the way he introduced the songs to bringing several military personnel up on the stage to applaud their work, ace Frehley from KISS and Michael Anthony from Van Halen. 32 in the Billboard top Rock Digital Songs chart. Bret Michaels reality Docu, which is the follow up to the Rock of Love series. Whatever the reason — An all around great evening of music, he is such a down to earth artist who appreciates his fans and genuinely appreciates every one of them I love you bret!

Love his drive, I HIGHLY recommend any of his performances! He had the crowd well motivated, I have been a fan of Poison for several years and I have never had a chance to go to one of their shows.

Whatever the reason, he never fails to take entertainment to whole other level! He is such a great performer, he did a fabulous job with the local children from the area.