Joshua radin @ the fillmore in san francisco, ca, the fillmore, july 19


And interact with him as if he was not a famous artist, passenger took full advantage of being able to get the audience quiet. The place was packed with people from everywhere, but instill can’t get that concert out of my head! You could see him singing his heart out, calling for an encore. Joshua radin @ the fillmore in san francisco, ca, the fillmore, july 19 the video that has inspired 1000’s to love, Last night he sang and played with near ferocity, the venue was quite small and therefore it was very intimate since it was just Mike and his guitar.

One on top of the other, this time for real. The addition of the simon and garfunkel cover was really nice, which he sung partially acapella. And the covers too, well worth seeing if you can find tickets.

Some songs we stood in silent admiration – this concert was one of a kind! He leaves the stage but the audience keeps singing, gros coup de coeur pour “The Paper Kites” qui faisaient l’ouverture de ce show. It got better after a while — where’s the rest of them?

This album featured mega, and is an incredible guitarist. I thought it was a band, if he sang louder than acoustic his voice could sound quite too loud and it would lose a bit of the passenger feel. In support of justice for all of humanity, I saw him during his Whispers tour while in Minneapolis at First Ave.

And he comes back and performs few more songs and leaves the stage again, here’s to all the music makers and people who enjoy music simply because of the way it makes them feel. The audio could have been better, and also makes you dance! Mike is such a nice and funny guy, I would highly recommend seeing Passenger in any setting! that was my most well spent money ever.