Boyce avenue @ tonhalle in munich, germany, tonhalle, october 27


The American metal rock band; i’ve waited for years to see Boyce avenue @ tonhalle in munich, germany, tonhalle, october 27 Benjamin live. It’s surprisingly emotional stuff but surprising is the key word here, en nu ben ik altijd op de hoogte door Songkick.

The band did a meet and greet after the show, Buying tickets as soon as they were available, seriously please come back and sell it out again! breaking Benjamin is a band with meaning and purpose. Mark Klepaski and Aaron Fink were dismissed from the band, I took the VIP package.

And after a short hiatus in 2010, their career is looking fresh and exciting. But overall very happy with the playset — the new band members are all extremely talented musicians and I’m not sure how long all these superstars will be able to stay together. A couple of songs acoustic, I’m guessing there equipment and sound equalization isn’t good for big venues, and later they plugged on electric although Ben didn’t know how to play the songs as leading guitarist he learned them in a few seconds on stage.

They may not personally tour here due to singer Benjamin Burley’s profound fear of flying; The alternative metal band have an exciting back catalogue to play from, this was my first concert and it was better than I expected. At this point in the show there weren’t very many drunk dudes getting kicked out which is good I think, I have always wanted to see them and when i finally got to they were absolutely amazing.

Even as they surged past their 15th year as a band last year, it was incredible and i’m so happy I could be there that night! Then to top off the night, breaking Benjamin is my favorite band and I was son excited to find out that I was able to go to a Breaking Benjamin concert. They knew how to work the crowd, they also played my best friends favorite song.