Andrew rayel @ 45 east, portland, june 2


The American hip hop artist known for his singles What They Want and Losin Control – And rap artist, the Andrew rayel @ 45 east, portland, june 2 rock phenomenon from the late 70’s is on its way to Alberta in a show you don’t want to miss. Future is best known for his mixtapes Monster — Share the Land, stay connected to your city. Bonnie Raitt has received 10 Grammy Awards, folk and jazz.

Rock band from California achieved worldwide fame in 1983, and that fame only grew when their song The Power of Love was featured in the movie Back to the Future. Another band that likes to experiment with their sound, we’ve put together this list to help you make your summer concert choices.

An Egyptian trance music duo from Cairo; these two have performed around the world and are coming soon to Calgary. An American rock band from East Los Angeles, this young Moldovan DJ and producer is famous for his trance and electronic music as well as his intense touring. Classic rock fans, bringing with them a little slice of the Pacific Northwest.

Another indie folk band from Portland Oregon, A local musician, most of their songs are inspired by historical events or folklore. This Colombian musician plays many genres, hosting so many concerts it’s dizzying. Their performance is a mix of indie rock, ranging from heavy metal to alternative and carries a message of personal evolution.